XPWare Communications Software
by KF7XP

December 13, 2006






Welcome to XPWare

I have decided discontinue support for all XPWare software programs at this time.   I wish to thank all of the users from around the world  that have supported the various programs over the past 12 years.   I have been lucky to have made a lot of friends and relations along the way and have always enjoyed working with the amateur and MARS communities. 

I have decided to post the registration generation programs for both my  DOS and Windows (XPWIN) programs on this page.  Please feel free to use  them as you see fit.  This site will remain open until I run out of space at  www.glaswerks.com.   These programs are now deemed as Freeware.

73 Gary KF7XP

DOS Registration program                Windows Registration program

XPWARE for Windows 

XPWIN 1.2.8B - Final Shipping version

XPWIN 1.3.2 - Final Test Version (Added Kantronics Support for TNC's made though 2003)

DOS Programs


XPDUAL - For AEA Dual Port TNC's

XPKAM - Older Kantronics TNC's

XPPCI - HAL PCI4000 and P38

XPPTC - Paccomm and SCS Controllers